Atkins Diet

Since 1972, when “Dr Atkin’s Diet Revolution” was originally published, it has been estimated that over 20 million people have tried the Dr Atkins diet plan. This low carb diet plan was updated and republished in 1992 as the “Dr Atkin’s New Diet Revolution”, and is still extremely popular today.

The Atkins diet is actually a complete low carb diet plan, unlike many other low carbohydrate diets. The diet is split into phases, which then sets the foundation for long-term healthy eating.

The basic details of this low carb diet plan include:

  • Bread, cereals, pasta and starchy vegetables are restricted, as these are high in carbohydrates.
  • Nutrient-rich foods, especially meat, are encouraged.
  • “Vita-nutrient supplements” are also recommended.

There are four phases (or stages) in the Dr Atkins diet plan. The first phase is the “Induction Phase”, which lasts for 14 days and particular foods are restricted. During this time, weight loss is very quick, as your body is taught to burn fat instead of carbohydrates.

The second phase of this low carb diet is “Ongoing Weight Loss”, to be followed until your target weight is almost achieved. The weight loss is slower, and some foods are allowed back into the diet.

When you are between five and ten pounds away from your target weight, the “Pre-Maintenance” stage begins. The weight loss is very slow, and some more foods are re-introduced into your diet.

The fourth and final stage is the “Maintenance Diet”, designed to maintain your target weight. Dieters following this low carbohydrate diet are encouraged to stick with the fourth phase diet for life, to remain healthy and avoid gaining weight.

Here is a sample diet day’s diet for Dr Atkins popular low carb diet:


  • Induction – Bacon/Ham/Sausages & Eggs, and Tea or coffee.
  • Ongoing Weight Loss – Omelette, crispbread, tea/coffee, tomato juice & previous items.
  • Pre-Maintenance – Omelette, permitted fruit, crispbread, tea/coffee & previous lists.
  • Maintenance – Omelette, permitted fruit, crispbread, tea/coffee, & previous lists.


  • Induction – Bacon & Cheese Burger (no bun), Salad, water or mineral water.
  • Ongoing Weight Loss – Salad with mayonnaise, Herbal Tea + previous items.
  • Pre-Maintenance – Baked potato, soda + previous lists.
  • Maintenance – Roast chicken & salad, salad with dressing, soda + previous lists.


  • Induction – Shrimp cocktail as entree. Red meat/fish/poultry and salad for mains. Jelly & whipped cream dessert.
  • Ongoing Weight Loss – Seafood salad for entree, Salmon and permitted vegetables for mains. Strawberries & cream dessert & previous items.
  • Pre-Maintenance – Salads/vegetables, pizza, fruit + previous lists.
  • Maintenance – Soup and salad as entree. Red meat/fish/poultry with potato and vegetables for mains. Fruit as desert. Accompanied with wine or soda & previous lists.

Full details of Dr Atkin’s diet plan information is available in “Dr Atkin’s Diet Revolution” or “Dr Atkin’s New Diet Revolution” books. There are also many supplementary books with low carb diet recipes available.