Eskimo Diet

The low carb, all meat Eskimo Diet was first published in the book “Strong Medicine” by Dr Blake Donaldson in 1960. This meat only low carbohydrate diet was created after failing to find an ideal low-calorie weight loss diet for his diets.

Dr Donaldson began looking for alternatives, with his initial research based on the idea that teeth were an indication of general body condition and diet. Due to Inuit skeleton specimens having excellent teeth, Dr Donaldson began investigating the Inuit all meat diet.

His research of Inuit diets led him to the conclusion that a low carbohydrate all meat diet was a solution for his patients. Dr Donaldson believe that the two “biologically perfect foods” were water, and fresh meat with fat still on it.

The low carb diet plan recommended by Dr Donaldson involved two phases. The first phase is a strict all meat diet that should be followed until your target weight is reached. Certain foods can be re-introduced back in the second phase, if you do not gain weight again.

Various meats are allowed in this low carbohydrate diet, as long as the meat to fat ratio was 3:1. Dr Donaldson believed that fat was necessary in this low carb diet plan. The recommended daily exercise was a brisk half-hour walk, best before breakfast.