Fat Flush Diet Plan

“The Fat Flush Plan” was published in 2002, and instantly became a success with low carb diet followers everywhere. Written by celebrity nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, this low carbohydrate diet plan looks to be popular for many years ahead.

This low carb diet plan is aimed to those dieters who wish to increase their metabolism, reduce bloating, and speed up the fat loss process. “The Fat Flush Plan” is an especially good read for those who need a helping hand in starting weight loss, or overcoming a weight plateau.

Within “The Fat Flush Plan”, Ann Louise also addresses the “Five Hidden Weight Gain Factors” that other low carb diet plan books discuss only briefly, or not at all:

  • Liver Toxicity
  • Waterlogged Tissues
  • Fear of Eating Fat
  • Excess Insulin
  • Stress Fat

As a low carb diet, the Fat Flush Plan itself is a three phase process. The first phase, “The Two-Week Fat Flush”, is designed to kick off dramatic weight loss. Fat is flushed from the hips, thighs and buttocks, and bloating is significantly reduced.

“Ongoing Fat Flush” occurs in the second phase of the Fat Flush low carbohydrate diet plan. Some foods are introduced back into the diet, allowing for more food variety, and a more moderate rate of weight loss. This phase is designed to be followed until you reach your desired weight or size.

The third phase is a maintenance program to make sure that the pounds stay off for life. “The Lifestyle Eating Plan” phase introduces more foods back into your diet gradually, so you have a permanent, healthier low carb diet plan.