Neanderthin Diet

After suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for several years, Ray Audette was diagnosed with diabetes. This diagnosis started Ray on the path to investigating how dieting could improve his health. The result of his investigations were published in 1999, in the low carb diet plan book, “Neanderthin”.

Ray Audette’s studies showed that agricultural societies had more cases of illness and disease than the low carb diet of hunter-gatherer societies. He concluded that hunter-gatherers had a healthier, natural diet.

To test his conclusion, Ray modified his own diet to closely mirror that of a hunter-gatherer. The foods allowed in this low carbohydrate diet plan, are those that you could theoretically hunt or gather yourself. “Neanderthin”, the Paleolithic Diet, was a success for Ray.

For best results, this plan needs to be strictly followed over a lifetime. The Neanderthin low carb diet plan forbids foods that are products of a technological or agricultural society. The foods included in the forbidden category are grains and beans, potatoes, dairy products and sugars.

Hunter-gatherers never grew crops, but instead relied upon the naturally growing fruits, vegetables, berries and nuts in the areas visited on their nomadic journeys. These journeys were often dictated by herd movement, as meat was the main food source.

To follow the low carb Neanderthin diet, only eat the foods that were available to the early hunter-gatherers. These foods are meats and fish, fruits and vegetables, and nuts and berries. Two more rules to remember when following this low carbohydrate diet – don’t count calories or fats, and eat only when you’re hungry, stopping when full.