The Diet Cure

The “Diet Cure Diet”, created by Dr Julia Ross, is another diet that recognises that carbohydrates are the cause of weight and health problems. Her book “The Diet Cure” demonstrates her knowledge of nutritional psychology, the benefits of a low carb diet plan.

The basics of this low carb diet are that meals should not be skipped, as undereating is bad for your health. This low carb diet should include plenty of proteins and green vegetables, with some healthy fats. Calorie and fat counting is not necessary.

If you decide to use “The Diet Cure” as your low carb diet option, be sure that you eat three meals a day, that are full of protein, as well as low carb vegetables and fruits. If you wish, whole-food carbohydrates can be eaten after the rest of the meal – however, this is not a neccessary part of the diet.

As well as a low carb diet plan, “The Diet Cure” also recommends nutritional supplements to help with health problems. “The Diet Cure” also includes a self diagnosis checklist to assist with recognising health problems are recommending supplements.