The Go Diet

Low carb dieters were introduced to The Go Diet through the short but informative “GO-Diet: The Goldberg-0’Mara Diet Plan, the Key to Weight Loss & Health Eating”. Jack Goldberg Ph.D and Karen O’Mara D.O. have included many recipes and exercise tips within their book, to help those confused by low carbohydrate diets.

The recommendations of The Go Diet include low carbohydrates, low saturated fats, adequate protein, as well as high monounsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals. More suggestions for this low carb diet include increasing fiber, natural nutrients and priobotic foods.

To transform your current eating habits, The Go Diet involves a 7 day transition period. On the first three days of The Go Diet, your carbohydrate intake must be cut back to only 50 grams a day. Only some foods are allowed during this induction stage.

During days four through seven, the monounsaturated fat intake is increased, as more foods are allowed back into your diet. From here, the final stage can last a lifetime, where more foods again are re-introduced, allowing for a better balanced diet.

Throughout The Go Diet, forbidden foods include potatoes, beets, beans, peas and lentils. Milk, as well as grain products (bread, pasta, pretzels, bagels, cookies) are also strictly forbidden. Allowed foods in this low carb diet include natural nutrients such as nuts, seeds, and fermented producted like yoghurt.