Your Fat Can Make You Thin Diet

Dr Calvin Ezran has spent most of his medical career working in fields relating to diabetes, insulin and the pituitary gland. His research into diabetic diets has lent more proof to the theory that excess insulin created by carbohydrates is extremely harmful.

The low carb diet “Your Fat Can Make You Thin” is also known as the “Insulin Control Diet”. Dr Ezran has recently co-authored two books about this diet with Kristin Caron: “Your Fat Can Make You Thin” and “The Type 2 Diabetes Diet Book: The Insulin Control Diet: Your Fat Can Make You Thin”.

“Your Fat Can Make You Thin” places strong emphasis insulin control. This is a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet plan, that is aimed to place your body into ketosis. Unique to may low carb diet books is the theory that serotonin has a big place in weight control.

The diet plan involves a low carb, limited fat, and adequate protein intake. Also required are some prescription drug and aerobic exercise recommendations.